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Montana youth rugby has grown by leaps and bounds. As a result, it comes as no surprise that Montana's referees have been getting younger and younger. The latest is Tucker Nadeau from Kalispell.


Shown here with MRRS President George Mullen, center refereed a Junior High Match in Missoula on April 22, 2016.  When not refereeing, Nadeau is a high school sophomore and player for the Kalispell Black and Blue rugby team.

Missoula Youth Rugby is holding a number of rugby camps this summer for ages 6 and above. A number of adult volunteers are needed.

Event Dates Times Needs
New Zealand Day 5/30 10am-3pm 1-3 “Coaches”
All Sport Camp 6/18 3-4pm 1-3 “Coaches”
Kid’s Fest 6/28 10:00-2:30 2-4 “Coaches”
Missoula Youth Rugby Day with the Missoula Osprey 6/29 6pm start (7pm game start) 2-5 people to sell 50/50 tickets and help promote rugby (free entry for workers)
Touch Rugby Camps M/W Starting 6/24. Games on W starting 7/8, ending 8/10 6pm 1-3 “Coaches” & 1-3 “Referees”
All Sport Camp 7/10 10-11am 1-3 “Coaches”
Rugby Camp 7/13-7/17 8:30am-Noon 1-3 “Coaches”
All Sport Camp 8/5 10-11am 1-3 “Coaches”
All Sport Camp 8/19 10-11am 1-3 “Coaches”

If you are interested in being a part of any of these events please e-mail Missoula Youth Rugby @